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    Belajar Bahasa Inggris Kapan Saja di Mana Saja Bersama Cambridge Academy

    Belajar Bahasa Inggris Gak Paket Repot Bersama London Institute of English

    Ingin belajar bahasa Inggris tapi tidak punya waktu untuk datang ke tempat kursus? Tenang, dengan Cambridge Academy Socialites bisa belajar bahasa Inggris kapanpun. Cambridge Academy menyediakan kursus bahasa Inggris secara online yang dengan metode inovatif, efektif, dan cepat. Tiap materi disiapkan olah native speaker dengan tingkat pendidikan dari yang mudah hingga tahap lanjutan. Dijamin Socialites bisa belajar bahasa Inggris kapanpun kamu mau.


    Why should your customers buy our course instead of the other courses?

    1. Courses at Cambridge Academy have been created by BRITISH LANGUAGE CENTRE – which is an International

    Examination Centre for the following examinations:

    London Chamber of Commerce and Industry LCCI

    TRINITY College London

    The European Language Certificates TELC

    PEARSON – the largest educational group in the world (Financial Times Group)

    2. Cambridge Academy – as opposed to the competition – offers the same course curriculum as during normal language courses at British Language Centre schools in Europe. Having the above in mind  Cambridge Academy is the only online language school which offers a money back guarantee that its students will pass any, internationally recognized examination (B1) after completing the full, online course.

    3. Cambridge Academy has gained experience from British Language Centre – a successful chain of language schools present on the market since 1997.

    4. As opposed to other courses, Cambridge Academy offers more than just interactive exercises – the courses have a strong,

    methodological curriculum and guarantee that the customer will achieve very specific linguistic skills after each and every level. The specification for each level can be found here: 

    5. Courses at Cambridge Academy enable students to master all linguistic skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar and thinking in English.

    6. We are the most popular and best-selling online language school present in Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, UK, Romania, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, Croatia, Albania, Venezuela, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Egypt.

    7. After completing the progress test, students receive a certificate signed by Cambridge Academy, recognized by many  international firms and institutions.



    1. English teaching is divided into 6 levels, each one lasting about 6 months. At each level students will cover a

    great deal of language issues. One level consists of 6 units (lessons) taking around 120 hours of study. The

    majority of customers study twice a week for 2 hours.

    2. One level consists of 5 or 6 sections: grammar, use of English, reading, listening, speaking, writing. It is possible to purchase additional, 1-2-1 conversation classes via Skype with native speakers however this is not obligatory.

    3. Cambridge Academy  offers the following tools for studying English:


    Practical exercises which develop communicative ability in English in concrete "real life" situations, such as: in a shop, at a hotel, at the doctor's, in a business or work conversation etc.



    Simulated dialogues in English, thanks to which one learns quickly and communicates effectively, and correctly asks and answers questions.

    Articles and dialogues Realistic, practical English of the kind used by people from English-speaking countries. This section has been entirely created by teachers from such countries.

    Assessment Tests

    The progress tests provide detailed information on what one is good at as well as areas which one needs to practice further before going on the next level of study.

    Theoretical exercises

    In the theoretical section one familiarizes himself with English grammar. All the information is available whenever needed for revision. Letters, e-mails and faxes …all of these in practice

    Detailed reports of progress

    Students will receive detailed reports containing the results they obtain from their studies.

    4. Every section at a particular level has been designed so that the material from one section leads onto and

    consolidates the others. Thanks to this, the material from the first section that one studies from naturally

    widens and consolidates his knowledge of English in each higher section of the course. In order to proceed to a

    higher level (or to the next section), one needs to score well for every section of language ability.

    5. After completing the progress test, one receives a certificate signed by Cambridge Academy, recognized by many international firms and institutions.

    • Di Cambridge Academy Socialites bisa belajar bahasa Inggris secara online kapan saja di mana saja dan menerima sertifikat setelah mengikuti kursus online
    • Cambridge Academy menyediakan cara belajar yang inovatif, efektif, dan cepat.
    • Materi disiapkan oleh para native speaker dengan berbagai tingkatan. Mulai dari basic hingga advance.
    • Lewat deal hari ini dapatkan penawaran menarik berikut

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      Rp 6.539.000
      Rp 199.000
      Kursus bahasa Inggris Online 36 bulan
      Rp 17.022.875
      Rp 249.000



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